Taking a complex problem and making it easy to understand isn’t easy to do. After creating 1000s of animated videos, we’ve come up with a process that works really well, and we’ve learned how to stick to it. Our production process is the real key to our success. It allows us to duplicate our success from project to project.

Step # 1: Strategic Discovery Consultations

This is where we hear your story, understand your goals, and learn all we can about your core UVPs.. knowing this will enable us to determine the target demographic you will be going after.Step # 1: Strategic Discovery ConsultationsStep # 1: Strategic Discovery Consultations

Step # 2: Weaving Your Story

From the insights we gain from thorough consultation, we build an interesting story and an engaging script that says it all. The most important step of any video production process is finding a way to convey your story. After the consultation sessions with our team, we will work on creating a solid visual script.Viewers have a short attention span, which is why we make sure that the video is fun and interesting and that interprets your song best.

Step # 3: Visual Concept

This is the part where our illustration artists will come into play with a custom storyboard based on the approved script and create the characters, environment and visual effects which will give the video a sense of movement and feel, pre animation phase.

Step # 4: Animation Process

Once the script, visuals have been approved, we get started immediately in putting together the different pieces of the puzzle. By this point, we will have created a unique video for you to review and comment on.After you are jumping in your seat and have approved the final production, our experts work further to tweak the video before it goes “live. Something missing ? not with The Animated Music Video Company. Our job doesn’t stop at animation. We maximize the impact by adding custom SFX to turn the video into a finished product.

Step # 5: Voice Over Artist Time!

Time to engage the auditory senses! We work with some of the most gifted voiceover artists in the industry. The experience they bring to the table makes sure that each and every video has a voiceover that is clear, concise and is able to make an impact on the viewers.

Step # 6: Production Delivery

Finally we deliver your shiny new production in all formats, suitable to use either on mobile devices right up to conferences. Whether you have an idea you need to shape, or need to find an idea you can turn into a story, we are here to help you. From brainstorming to storyboarding, we have got it covered. Schedule a free consultation by requesting a quote today.

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